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What’s happening at Whitewebbs? Update

23-2-20 update Please see this Independent article for the update  Article

7-11-19  The bid window has now closed.  The Council issued the following statement about what will happen next Council statement.

If you would like to help the Whitewebbs campaign, email Sean Wilkinson at whitewebbspark@gmail.com    You can also keep updated on the campaign via their Facebook page at Campaign Facebook page

The Friends of Whitewebbs are also looking for help.  If you would like to get involved in any way, please email enfieldroadwatch@gmail.com and we will pass along your information.

The bid window was extended to October 31. We understand there has been interest. The Council’s property department is working cooperatively with the Friends of Whitewebbs and knows that the community expects certain benefits and protections as part of the lease. These include: 100% protection for the woodland, a community cafe/ hub, preferably with changing facilities for local clubs, improved maintenance of the pathways and consistent oversight of the leaseholder. Although the public cannot participate in choosing the winning bid, there would be a public consultation if the selected leaseholder wants to make changes that require a planning application. Enfield RoadWatch, The Enfield Society, the Friends of Whitewebbs, the Whitewebbs Campaign and others are keeping a close eye on the situation.

The Council’s marketing package can be read here:  Knight Frank Whitewebbs Prospectus

17-7-19   Rumours have been flying around for a while that the Council intends to sell Whitewebbs Golf Course and Park.  Happily, this is not true.  They are, however, looking for someone to take on a 25-year lease to use the site for some sort of outdoor leisure activity.  Here is the information that is going out:

Whitewebbs Park and Golf Course – Future Use
Exciting changes afoot in Whitewebbs Golf Course and Park!

The Council will be seeking to lease the space to a leisure provider, who will invest in the facilities and provide a rejuvenated and inclusive leisure offer to local people.

The current facilities need investment and the Golf Course is struggling to be viable. In these times of austerity, the Council needs to be creative about how to keep spaces like Whitewebbs sustainable for continued public leisure use.  As a result of a recent review, the Council is planning to undertake a marketing exercise during the summer of 2019. The aim of this exercise will be to award a lease for up to 25 years for Whitewebbs Gold Course and Park to a leisure provider.

To maximise the interest and diversify opportunities for Whitewebbs, the Council will not restrict bidders by requiring the retention of golfing on the site. The Council is seeking leisure providers to submit creative bids for the use of the site and will ensure the use demonstrates a wider and inclusive benefit to the community.

As part of any agreement, the Council will require the current level of public access across the park to be maintained.  Any development or changes of use to the site will be subject to planning permission and will need to comply with local planning policies, which seek to protect green and open spaces. As part of any planning process, there will be the usual statutory consultation period where the local community will have the opportunity to comment.

The Council are consulting with the Friends of Whitewebbs Park thoughout this project to ensure that park users’ views are represented and the best outcomes for local people are achieved.

Email: property.matters@enfield.gov.uk