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There are many other ways you can help too:

  1. Volunteer to help at events, delivering fliers and posters, attending meetings and more. We’ll find you something to do!
  2. Offer professional expertise such as planning, legal, ecological or social media skills
  3. Sign up for updates by sending an email to: enfieldroadwatch@gmail.com
  4. Sign & share our petition. Google org Protect Enfield.
  5. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/enfieldroadwatch where we post updates and publicise threats further afield.
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  8. Share our social media awareness campaign, I’m Not Just a Pretty Place, which highlights the many benefits of the Green Belt.
  9. Visit our website often for updates, news and more in-depth information.
  10. Email your three Ward Councillors and tell them you don’t want to lose any Green Belt! This is especially important during this ‘quiet’ phase when developers are busy behind-the-scenes making the case for Green Belt developments. Google: Your Councillors – Enfield Council to find them.
  11. Email your London Assembly Rep, Joanne McCartney and ask her to help preserve Enfield’s Green Belt. joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk
  12. Email your local MP and ask him/her to help. Find your MP and contact information at:  https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/
  13. Make the case for the Green Belt to anyone who will listen.
  14. Share any other ideas with us.
  15. Stay in touch!

We are very grateful to all our supporters and connections, including:

Highland Ward Councillors

Cllr Glynis Vince and Cllr Lee David-Saunders
Email: cllr.joanne.laban@enfield.gov.uk, cllr.glynis.vince@enfield.gov.uk and cllr.lee.david-sanders@enfield.gov.uk
0208 379 2589
Enfield Council, PO Box 50,Civic Centre, Silver Street,Enfield. Middx, EN1 3XA

“Whilst this is in the early stages, as your Ward Councillors, we are against the development as this [Enfield Road] land is Green Belt and therefore should not be built on.  ”   August 2015

MP for Enfield North

Rt.Hon Joan Ryan MP          Email: joan.ryan.mp@parliament.uk

“I am opposed to the development on the [Enfield Road] green belt land at this stage and will continue to represent the concerns of residents.”

The Enfield Society (TES)

The Enfield Society promotes the conservation and enhancement of the civic and natural environments of the London Borough of Enfield and its immediate surrounding area, for the public benefit, aims essentially unchanged since the Society was founded in 1936.

 “The Green Belt status of the [Enfield Road] land was clearly and unequivocally reasserted during Enfield Council’s recent review of its Green Belt boundaries. The land is important in providing a genuine break along Enfield Road between the built up areas of Enfield and Oakwood. Generally guidance is that land should not be taken out of a green belt at the instigation of a developer making a planning application but as part of the regular plan making process”. Christopher Jephcott, President,  September 2015
The Federation of Enfield Residents’ and Allied Associations (FERAA)

FERAA (Federation of Enfield Residents’ and Allied Associations) is the body that campaigns on behalf of all associated residents associations with the aim of preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Enfield. FERAA has been pressing for solutions to local issues for over 30 years. By joining your local residents’ association you can make your voice heard too.

Proposed Enfield Road development on Green Belt land

“This proposal is a typical piece of financial opportunism and has no supporting rationale in terms of local needs. Destroying a piece of the Green Belt and the amenity it represents to numerous homes in the community is too high a price for whatever gains EBC might suppose. Green spaces are the focus of community life and social cohesion, and opportunities for recreation and healthy activity; Enfield Council cannot espouse these values and their worth to residents and yet demolish them in return for rates income. The monetisation of all Enfield’s green space would be at risk from this low form of stewardship.

FERAA has noted Enfield Council’s inability to control speculative development proposals, especially its failure at Cat Hill where a high density development is now nearing completion, and without supporting infrastructure improvements. So everyone is a loser, a direct pointer to a failure of stewardship by Enfield Council. This is no way to formulate public policy and FERAA opposes it and the officers who advance it.”

FERAA September 7th 2015

Western Enfield Residents Association (WERA)

Western Enfield Residents Association (WERA) aims to foster and maintain active involvement with local affairs, promote mutual interests and register environmental concerns. WERA co-ordinates with resident members and corresponds with local authorities, parliamentary representatives and planners about local issues.

Officers of its Committee are also key members of local action groups including The Enfield Society and the Highlands Ward: Community Action Partnership – Enfield (CAPE) and campaign groups both in the Ward (Enfield RoadWatch) and across the Borough through the Federation of Enfield Residents and Allied Associations (FERAA).

Campaign for Rural England (CPRE –London)

The CPRE London is a regional branch that works at all levels to promote the city, protect London’s green spaces and surrounding countryside. They are dedicated to conserving and enhancing London.

Friends of Trent Country Park

The Friends of Trent County Park ensures the enjoyment of Trent Park for the present and future generations, by facilitating projects which do not adversely affect the environment in the park. They co-operate with the Trent Park Conservation Committee to ensure that the Green Belt and Conservation areas are maintained.

Trent Park Conservation Committee
Enfield Green Party

The Enfield Green Party campaigns to defend the natural environment and human wellbeing against the threats of poverty, pollution and climate change.

“The Green Belt is a key institution in regulating development in Enfield and a important natural counterpoint to housing and other development. This site gives Enfield Road an open aspect. It’s Green Belt status should be preserved.

Furthermore, the current situation in which a private property developer has, in effect, decided that public money should be spent on a new church school is absurd and indefensible.”

David Flint Chair, September 2015

London Green Belt Council
Community Action Prevention – Enfield (CAPE)

CAPE is a forum composed of representatives from The Royal Chase Neighbourhood Watch, St. Mary’s Neighbourhood Watch and other community minded individuals from Highlands Ward in conjunction with dedicated Safer Neighbourhood police officers. Meetings are normally supported by one or more of our Ward Councillors. The forum receives an update on crime in the ward and allows issues and concerns to be raised. There is a constructive exchange of information and ideas. Agreement is reached on how matters will be processed. Normally, actions are taken by the Police or Council.

Southgate Civic District Trust