Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Enfield Council is proposing to create a ‘National Park City’ whilst simultaneously proposing to destroy some of the most sensitive landscape and historically important parts of Enfield Chase.

The areas of Enfield Chase that the Council is proposing to allow to be developed are:

  • 140 hectares at Vicarage Farm/Merryhills Brook Valley (which the Council and landowner/developer Comer Homes refer to as ‘Chase Park’). A popular Public Right of Way known as the Merryhills Way passes through the Merryhills Brook Valley and if the Council’s proposals come pass this footpath would be surrounded by housing estates on all sides.
  • 11 hectares for housing in open Green Belt countryside at Hadley Wood;
  • 11 hectares for industrial usage and distribution in open Green Belt countryside at New Cottages and Holly Hill Farm east of Junction 24 of the M25.
  • Open Green Belt countryside around Crews Hill and the Green Belt in horticultural use at Crews Hill.

Enfield Chase once covered a large area of Enfield and most of the endangered Green Belt sites lie within its former boundary.  This map shows the original boundary of the Chase laid over a modern map.

A higher resolution version of the map and more of the Chase’s fascinating history and importance can be found on The Enfield Society website.

The largest part of the Chase that’s under threat is Vicarage Farm. You can explore it here and understand that we mustn’t lose it!