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A CPRE poll during lockdown highlights Londoners’ increased appreciation of our green spaces during the current crisis and their desire for increased protection and enhancement of green spaces in the future.  Link to poll


Here is the latest Green London Bulletin from CPRE.  It’s worth reading to understand the battle going on between the Government and the Mayor of London with regard to Green Belt protection in the new London Plan. CPRE_Green_London_Bulletin_April_2020-1


Space to Breathe is an October 2019 report from CPRE. It contains some concerning stats. Take a look. Report


CPRE’s October Green London eBulletin is worth reading including some new research confirming that green spaces are essential for our well-being. eBulletin


Green Belt news from the London Green Belt Council. Always an interesting – and often alarming – read. September 2019 Newsletter


The major parties were punished in the May 2019 local elections – but it wasn’t only about Brexit.  The London Green Belt Council analysed the results and found that the Green Belt was equally or more important in the southeast.

Voters punish councils that sacrifice Green Belt for housing


Research conducted by Enfield RoadWatch, CPRE-London and The Enfield Society in the London Borough of Enfield found space for at least 37,000 new homes on previously developed land. This means there is no need to build on precious Green Belt land, especially around Crews Hill, as suggested by the Borough Council in its current draft Local Plan.  The findings have been published in Space to Build in Enfield

Space to Build in Enfield


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has dismissed proposals to build in Crews Hill and has told Enfield Council that there is no need to review Green Belt boundaries.  Read the Mayor’s letter to Enfield Council and the Enfield Independent article at the following links:

Mayor’s response to Enfield’s draft plan

Mayor Khan responds to Enfield’s Green Belt plans


Thanks to everyone who responded to the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation which closed on 28 February!  We hope the Council will listen to the many different voices who have said NO! to developing the Green Belt.  With your help, our efforts have made the news!  Click on the links to read the articles.

Enfield Independent

Enfield Dispatch

EN Magazine


CPRE’s latest Green London e-bulletin highlights discussions about the future of the Green Belt at the London Plan Examination in Public.  An interesting read.  Enfield is quoted as saying that the Green Belt is one of the borough’s biggest land assets and it would not be sensible to rule out building on it in exceptional circumstances.  This means our battle is not over!!! Click below to read the full e-bulletin.

CPRE Green London e-bulletin April 2019


A new report from CPRE shows that there is sufficient brownfield land in England for more than 1 million homes, including ample sites to meet London’s housing targets.  It makes interesting reading.  There is no reason for Green Belt to be lost!  Click below to read:

CPRE 2019 Brownfield Report



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