Enfield RoadWatch Action Group


An important area of Green Belt South of Enfield Road, between Cotswold Way and Lowther Drive is under threat of development. The Land is owned by The London Diocesan Fund which has had an agreement with Fairview New Homes since 2010 to develop this land (subject to planning permission). The site is both Green Belt and an Area of Special Character, as confirmed by Enfield Council in November 2014   Google maps: EN2 7HX

Enfield RoadWatch Action Group aims to protect this Green Belt land and its wildlife. The group keeps residents informed about plans to develop this land and updates them on activities undertaken by the Action Group to deter development from happening.

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Enfield RoadWatch is not alone, please visit ‘Our Supporters’ for a list of people and associations that are also concerned and wish to save this green belt land.

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  • To maintain and protect the Green Belt status of land called the Fields on Enfield Road. An important part of Enfield’s Green Belt, part of Enfield’s Open Spaces, important wildlife corridor, and part of the Merryhills Brook Valley Area of Special Character. The two fields “perform an important function of extending the Green Belt up to the urban edge and creating a separation between Slades Hill (Worlds End) and Oakwood, forming an important and valuable connection passing through the Green Belt” as confirmed by Enfield Council in November 2014.
  • To highlight this crucial part of the larger Green Belt surrounding London, by providing the lungs for the wider City, which will be even more important as the City develops to accommodate rising populations and the need for fresh air and open spaces.


  • To raise awareness of not only the five main purposes of the Green Belt according to the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) but also the wider benefits of supporting better air quality, eco systems and biodiversity, assisting the reduction of flood threats, creating opportunities for local food production, and providing areas for recreation and sport.
  • To identify any threats and/or risks, including any changes to Green Belt designations, pressure from inappropriate development proposals, and share these through validated intelligence with supporters, on a regular basis.
  • To highlight the need for developers/bodies/authorities to comply with national policies and Mayoral commitment to utilise existing Brownfield sites, and tactics such as land banking, which cause unnecessary pressures for Local Authorities to deliver on housing needed.
  • To campaign against and challenge any proposals to threaten the existing Green Belt in collaboration with community partners/associations, groups and volunteers, both locally and nationally in highlighting threats, gaining support and furthering our aims of protecting the Green Belt.
  • To securely keep and maintain a database of members so updates can be circulated.
  • Create and maintain appropriate communication channels with supporters, through the development of a user friendly and functional website, regular news updates, and use of social media to highlight both benefits and threats to Green Belt, both locally and elsewhere, and arrange meetings as appropriate.
  • To raise funds to further our aims through donations, grants, contributions, fund raising activities and any other lawful means.


  • The Action group is made up of residents elected to represent the community opposed to any development on the Green Belt Land on Enfield Road. Ian D’Souza is the Chair, Carol Fisk is the Vice Chair.