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Enfield’s Green Belt and Open Spaces Under Attack!

April 10, 2019 – CPRE’s latest Green London e-bulletin highlights discussions about the future of the Green Belt at the London Plan Examination in Public.  An interesting read.  Enfield is quoted as saying that the Green Belt is one of the borough’s biggest land assets and it would not be sensible to rule out building on it in exceptional circumstances.  This means our battle is not over!!! Click below to read the full e-bulletin.

CPRE Green London e-bulletin April 2019

A new report from CPRE shows that there is sufficient brownfield land in England for more than 1 million homes, including ample sites to meet London’s housing targets.  It makes interesting reading.  There is no reason for Green Belt to be lost!  Click below to read:

CPRE 2019 Brownfield Report

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has dismissed proposals to build in Crews Hill and has told Enfield Council that there is no need to review Green Belt boundaries.  Read the full Enfield Independent article here:

Mayor Khan responds to Enfield’s Green Belt plans

Thanks to everyone who responded to the Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation which closed on 28 February!  We hope the Council will listen to the many different voices who have said NO! to developing the Green Belt.  With your help, our efforts have made the news!  Click on the links to read the articles.

Enfield Independent

Enfield Dispatch

EN Magazine

The website will be updated soon to provide new information about next steps, how you can help and more, so please come back often and stay in touch! 



Proposals in Enfield’s Draft Local Plan suggest removing up to 7% of the Green Belt for development.

The deadline is fast approaching.  Please act NOW!  Respond to the consultation and say NO!                           

Information to help you respond to the consultation. If you use a suggested response, please include a few words of your own to make it individual and don’t forget to add your name and address.  The email address for responses is localplan@enfield.gov.uk  Thanks!

Suggested short response to consultation. Copy & paste then email.

Suggested longer response to consultation. Copy & paste into email

Background information for consultation response

Space to Build, Enfield published! Building on the Green Belt is the worst possible option!

  • Do you enjoy the Garden Centres in Crews Hill and think it would be a mistake to replace them with housing?
  • Do you believe Enfield is special because of its Green Belt and Open Spaces?
  • Do you think new development should bring an improved quality of life for current residents?
  • Do you want to keep the Green Belt safe for wildlife, recreation, food-production, keeping the air clean and us healthy?
  • Do you want Enfield Council to explore ALL possibilities before allowing housing to be built on Green Belt land, including at Crews Hill?
  • Do you want to keep London Green for future generations?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these, be part of the future now and respond to the consultation.  Anyone who lives, works, studies or has an interest in Enfield can respond individually.  Here’s how:

  • Email – Send your response using our suggestions below or your own comments to localplan@enfield.gov.uk.  You must include your name and address.  We recommend this as the simplest option.
  • Online consultation – the online survey is a summary which skips many of the questions in the printed version.  In both cases, the questions do not reflect all the underlying policies, so please read our summary below for guidance.  We recommend providing comments rather than yes/no answers.  https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/planning/planning-policy/local-plan/#1
  • By post – Paper copies of the consultation should be available in libraries.  The paper version is quite long and complicated and other documents need to be consulted for it to make sense.  Our summary below may help you with this.  Responses, which can either be the form from the printed consultation or a simple letter, should be sent to:  Strategic Planning and Design, Enfield Council, Freepost NW5 036, EN1 3BR.  Postage is free.

Please note: our comments and suggestions relate only to policies that could affect the Green Belt and Open Spaces.  The consultation also deals with many other important issues, which you can read about on the Council website.

About Enfield RoadWatch

Enfield RoadWatch Action Group is fighting to protect Enfield’s Green Belt, which is under threat in the current Local Plan revision process.  The 2019 draft plan proposes to de-designate protected land for housing and possibly industry.  Crews Hill is a specific target but other areas are also vulnerable.  An area equivalent to more than  Trent Park or Forty Hall, two Durants Parks or ten Jubilees or Oakwoods could be lost!  There is sufficient brownfield and previously-developed land for housing and infrastructure, so say NO! to developing on the Green Belt.

Enfield RoadWatch began life in 2015 to protest the potential development of an important area of Green Belt South of Enfield Road – but because of the importance and many benefits of the borough’s entire network of Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land [MOL] the action group now has a broader focus.   Please help us to save the Green Belt for the community and future generations!

Enfield RoadWatch is not alone, please visit ‘Our Supporters’ for a list of people and associations that are also concerned and wish to save this green belt land.

Please sign our change.org.uk petition here

We are up to 22,524 and counting … !   Have you signed yet?


  • To raise awareness of not only the five main purposes of the Green Belt according to the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) but also the wider benefits of supporting better air quality, eco systems and biodiversity, assisting the reduction of flood threats, creating opportunities for local food production, and providing areas for recreation and sport.
  • To identify any threats and/or risks, including any changes to Green Belt designations, pressure from inappropriate development proposals, and share these through validated intelligence with supporters, on a regular basis.
  • To highlight the need for developers/bodies/authorities to comply with national policies and Mayoral commitment to utilise existing Brownfield sites, and tactics such as land banking, which cause unnecessary pressures for Local Authorities to deliver on housing needed.
  • To campaign against and challenge any proposals to threaten the existing Green Belt in collaboration with community partners/associations, groups and volunteers, both locally and nationally in highlighting threats, gaining support and furthering our aims of protecting the Green Belt.
  • To securely keep and maintain a database of members so updates can be circulated.
  • Create and maintain appropriate communication channels with supporters, through the development of a user friendly and functional website, regular news updates, and use of social media to highlight both benefits and threats to Green Belt, both locally and elsewhere, and arrange meetings as appropriate.
  • To raise funds to further our aims through donations, grants, contributions, fund raising activities and any other lawful means.


  • The Action group is made up of residents who represent the community opposed to any development on Enfield’s Green Belt.  Ian D’Souza is the Chair, Carol Fisk is the Vice Chair.


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