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Enfield’s Green Belt and Open Spaces Under Attack!

8-5-20  We hope you are all managing to stay well. A new CPRE poll highlights Londoners’ increased appreciation of our green spaces during the current crisis and their desire for increased protection and enhancement of green spaces in the future.  Link to poll

Please check back for updates. Thanks for your continued support.

Here is the latest Green London Bulletin from CPRE.  It’s worth reading to understand the battle going on between the Government and the Mayor of London with regard to Green Belt protection in the new London Plan. CPRE_Green_London_Bulletin_April_2020-1

Draft Climate Action Plan. While our minds are on the immediate crisis, we are still trying to monitor what’s happening with the development of Enfield’s new Local Plan. As part of that process, Enfield has developed a draft Climate Action Plan.  While we agree with most of it, we are concerned about the Natural Landscape section, which makes no mention of Green Belt and needs to be expanded.  If you would like to review the plan, it can be downloaded here: Climate Action Plan page   And you can review the comments that we submitted Here

Crews Hill is still under threat!  Please see this Independent article to find out more Green Belt in Enfield facing major threat

Whitewebbs update Please see this Independent article for an update  Article

Green Belt Forum updateThanks to everyone who attended the Forum. It was an excellent turnout and participants made their feelings about the future of Whitewebbs and the Green Belt very clear. In terms of Whitewebbs there will be an opportunity for public engagement in a few weeks and we will post that info when it is available.  With regard to the Local Plan Revision and the Green Belt, the next full consultation on the Draft Local Plan is not expected before the summer, if then, but there may be other smaller surveys before then that will need attention so please stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who wrote to the Mayor asking him to stand firm on his commitment to preserving the Green Belt.  He listened and he has responded very firmly to the Planning Inspectors.  Thank you, Mayor Khan!

  • This article has a good synopsis of his response, which also includes reducing the housing targets and removing the presumption in favour of development in town centres and around transport hubs.  onlondon article
  • If you’d like more in depth information, go here Official documents  Of particular interest is ‘Response to the Panel Recommendations’ which gives specific statements relating to Green Belt protection.

The All Party Parliamentary Group has released a blueprint for protecting and respecting the Green Belt.  This should inform the new Government’s policies!

Press Release

APPG London’s Green Belt report – A Positive Vision for London’s Green Belt

Crews Hill update.  The garden centre currently run by Wyevale has had a temporary reprieve. The site was purchased last year by a subsidiary of Berkeley Homes but development cannot move forwards while the site still has Green Belt protection.  A 2-year lease has been signed with British Garden Centres who will take over the site later this year.  This does not mean that the site has been saved.  We still need to fight for its Green Belt protection to remain in place!

Thanks to everyone who visited our stall at the Palmers Green Festival and at Canine Capers in Arnos Park in September.  They were both lovely events and we were happy to talk to so many people who support our Green Belt campaign and wanted to join our email list.  Please read our latest update Here  Together we are stronger!

Make sure you are receiving updates from Enfield’s Local Plan Team.  Enfield’s Local Plan Newsletter

There are many ways you can contribute our campaign, from volunteering to making a donation.  Find out more at Supporting the campaign   Or click on How Can I Help? where the most current needs will be highlighted in red. 

Check out our new social media awareness campaign which highlights the many benefits of the Green Belt.  Please share it widely!  I’m not just a Pretty Place!

Please sign our petition at change.org.uk

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Our Campaign – a Snapshot  –  Enfield’s Green Belt and Open Spaces are under attack in the Local Plan Revision process. The Council would like to remove 7% or more of the Green Belt, including Crew’s Hill, for development.  This is an area equivalent to more than Trent Park or Forty Hall, two Durants Parks or ten Jubilees or Oakwoods!  Developers are working hard to make this happen, despite the fact that there is sufficient brownfield and previously-developed land for housing and infrastructure.  [Read more about that here: Space to Build in Enfield]  Enfield RoadWatch is fighting to protect the Green Belt for current and future generations because of its many benefits. [Click here to learn about them Why is the Green Belt important?]   Please add your voice to the campaign.

What is the Local Plan Revision Process? The Local Plan is Enfield Council’s vision for the future. The revision process includes pubic consultations when you can have your say. The first consultation closed at the end of February, 2019 and we hope the Council received a loud and clear message that Enfield’s residents want to keep all the borough’s Green Belt and Open Spaces.  [You can see more information about the first consultation under the Consultations tab.]  The next consultation will happen late this year or early in 2020 but we need to keep up the pressure while decisions are being made behind closed doors.  Please help us!   Click through here to find out how: How Can I Help?

About Enfield RoadWatch

Enfield RoadWatch began life in 2015 to protest the potential development of an important area of Green Belt South of Enfield Road – but because of the importance and many benefits of the borough’s entire network of Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land [MOL] the action group now has a broader focus.   Please help us to save the Green Belt for the community and future generations!

Enfield RoadWatch is not alone, please visit Supporting the campaign for a list of people and associations who are also concerned and wish to save the Green Belt.


  • To raise awareness of the five main purposes of the Green Belt according to the 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the wider benefits it provides including improving air quality, supporting ecosystems and biodiversity, assisting the reduction of flood threats, creating opportunities for local food production, and providing areas for recreation and sport.
  • To identify any threats to the Green Belt, including any changes to Green Belt designations and pressure from inappropriate development proposals, and to share these with validated evidence with supporters on a regular basis.
  • To highlight the need for developers/bodies/authorities to comply with national policies and Mayoral commitment to first develop/ regenerate existing Brownfield sites and to discourage tactics such as land banking, which cause unnecessary pressures on protected green space to meet housing targets.
  • To campaign against and challenge any proposals to threaten the Green Belt in collaboration with community partners/associations, groups and volunteers, both locally and nationally by highlighting threats, gaining support and furthering our aims of protecting the Green Belt.
  • To securely keep and maintain a database of members so updates can be circulated.
  • To create and maintain appropriate communication channels with supporters, through the development of a user-friendly and functional website, regular news updates, and the use of social media to highlight both the benefits of and threats to Green Belt, locally and elsewhere, and to arrange meetings as appropriate.
  • To raise funds to further our aims through donations, grants, contributions, fund raising activities and any other lawful means.


  • The Action group is made up of residents who represent the community opposed to any development on Enfield’s Green Belt.  Ian D’Souza is the Chair, Carol Fisk is the Vice Chair.


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