Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Our new Green Belt awareness campaign has launched!

I’m not just a Pretty Place is our new social media campaign promoting the many benefits of the Green Belt.  Produced in collaboration with CPRE-London, the regular posts go out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and each one highlights a particular benefit, from health to ecological to economic and more.  Will we ever run out of benefits to highlight?  Probably not!

We are asking all our followers to please like/tag/repost this campaign to spread the message throughout the country to help protect all our beautiful and valuable Green Belt land – using the #imnotjustaprettyplace. Feel free to use it for local campaigns.  We all have the same goals!

Here are the first few posts.  Watch for one or two each week and share them as widely as you can so more people will learn about the importance of the the Green Belt.


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