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Take our Green Belt quiz and learn why it’s important to save it!

Scroll down for the answers. Have fun!

1. Which of these is true?
a) Trees clean the air
b) Trees give wildlife a home
c) Trees can pull up their roots and walk
d) Trees help to cool the air

2. Which of these is true?
a) Green Belt fields grow food for us
b) Green Belt fields prevent flooding by holding rainwater
c) Green Belt fields are all open to the public
d) Green Belt fields protect the quality of the soil

3. Which of these is true? The London Green Belt is home to:
a) 1,000 species of wildlife
b) 5,000 species of wildlife
c) More than 10,000 species of wildlife

4. Which of these is true? The Green Belt keeps me healthy by:
a) Giving me a place to run and play
b) Filtering out pollution
c) Letting me explore nature
d) Just being pretty and green

Here are the answers to the Green Belt Quiz

Question 1

a, b, and d are all true.  Trees are very important in lots of ways.

(a) They filter nasty things that can cause asthma and other diseases out of the air.

(b) They provide homes for lots of creatures such as birds, bats and insects.

(d) And they cool the air by slowly releasing moisture.

(c) But they don’t walk – yet!

Question 2

a, b and d are all true.

(a) There are more than 200 farms in London’s Green Belt growing food for us.

(b) Fields hold back nearly all the rainwater that falls on them.

(d) And one teaspoon of fertile grassland soil can hold up to one billion organisms.

(c) Some Green Belt fields are private so you can’t go on them but many are open to the public.

Question 3

The answer is (c). In fact you share London with at least 13,000 other species!

Question 4

They are all true! Being outdoors playing and having fun is important for all of us.

And one last question. Which photo do you prefer?


or (b)

We hope you said (a)!
Thank you for taking our quiz!