Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

September 2019 update – Our Green Spaces are still not safe!

Dear Supporters,

We haven’t been in touch for a few months so want to give you an update. Sorry if it’s a little long, but a lot has happened. The main message is that we are still here and are still working hard to protect against any threats to our precious green spaces in Enfield – and beyond!

Thanks again to all of you who responded to the local plan consultation, which closed at the end of February!  We still don’t have any official results or analysis but have heard that more than 6,000 people responded, which is great news.  During our campaign, we heard from a number of you who were angry at the prospect of losing the Garden Centres at Crews Hill to developers and building on our fields and other open spaces.

You will probably have seen in the news about various large developments already proposed for the borough, some of which include high-rise buildings taller than any currently in the borough.  Enfield RoadWatch is generally in favour of higher-density development on previously-developed land, because it can create vibrant new communities and regenerate deprived areas while also protecting the Green Belt.  However, we do not support or advocate for tall buildings in inappropriate areas, where they would be out of character and out of scale with the surrounding area and in general we prefer mid-rise buildings which are more to human scale. We also believe there should be a clear zoning policy for tall buildings in Enfield, including how tall they can be and where they can be built, created in collaboration with local communities.

Although the next big public consultation – on the actual Draft Local Plan – is not expected until early next year, there are a few ways you can participate right now.

  • Housing and homelessness consultation – this one popped up out of nowhere. Two new strategies are being developed to combat housing need.  Although the goals are all laudable we are concerned that the strategies may be used to justify the release of Green Belt.  We therefore suggest that you respond by email and ignore the online survey which doesn’t allow for comments.  In your email you can support the goals but emphasise that the goals and housing targets can be met without releasing Green Belt.  The deadline is October 21The Right Home for Everyone
  • Please object to Hounslow’s Draft Local Plan release of Green Belt – Hounslow’s draft plan proposes to release 125 hectares of Green Belt for development. This is unnecessary and the Council needs to receive a mountain of objections.  The easiest way to object is by email to LDF@hounslow.gov.ukThe deadline is September 24.  CPRE-London has provided a very thorough objection template which you can find on our website and adapt or copy and paste. Why and How!  If Hounslow is able to make the case for dedesignation of Green Belt, Enfield can be expected to try as well.
  • We are expanding our action group ready for the next phase of the campaign and are looking for Green Belt Champions to join us. We would welcome your skills, ideas or just your time for leaflet distribution, so please let us know if you are ready for a more active role.
  • We are promoting the many benefits of the Green Belt with a new social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Each post of I’m not just a Pretty Place highlights a benefit in a simple eye-catching way.  Please share it widely so that the messages will spread.
  • The last consultation drained our war chest, paying for fliers, ads in the paper and some legal advice, so we need to build it up again ready for the next big effort. Details for ways to give can be found hereSupporting the campaignThanks for any amount you can contribute (no matter how small).

We are continuing our campaign throughout this year while the Council works on the draft Local Plan behind closed doors at the Civic Centre.  A special welcome to those who joined our group at the Palmers Green Festival in Broomfield Park and at Canine Capers in Arnos Park! We had a great time talking to people about the many benefits of the Green Belt and the availability of brownfield sites in the Borough.

Finally, we all need to take any and every opportunity to share those facts with our Councillors, so that they will resist pressure from developers and reject any idea of releasing Green Belt for development.  A sample email to your Ward Councillors is still available on the website, if you haven’t already written to them.  Suggested email to your Councillors

Any questions please get in touch and thank you for your continued and much needed support! 

Together we are Stronger!


Ian D’Souza