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January 2019 Newsletter – Important information!

Act now! The future is in our hands! Say NO to building on the Green Belt!

Dear Supporters

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019 and it’s an important one!   As promised, Enfield RoadWatch is providing more information about and guidance on completing the current Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation, which runs until 5pm on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

This is a very important Consultation leading to a new Local Plan that will guide the future growth of Enfield until 2036.  We urge you and your family to respond individually and to spread the word.  Every response counts and we need to let the Council hear a resounding NO to developing any Green Belt or open spaces.

The Consultation summary questionnaire is relatively easy to complete but, as many of the questions do not truly reflect the underlying policies proposed in the Draft Local Plan, we recommend providing comments rather than just the standard yes/no answers.  We’ve tried to help as much as possible by taking away the huge task of reading and understanding the Consultation and Draft Local Plan and we have posted a prepared template response, which you can copy and paste, and our comments and analysis on our website www.enfieldroadwatch.co.uk.

The template on our website can then be used as the basis for your comments.  If there are any comments you are not happy with, please delete or adjust them or add your own.  Your own thoughts and wishes need to be conveyed – not ours.  We are not dictating what you should say, just trying to help you make an informed submission to this very important Consultation.

Our template does not cover every question in the Consultation – only ones pertinent to the Green Belt – so you may wish to review and answer the other questions too, covering many important issues which could impact you and your family over the coming years.

The Consultation can be completed online, by email or by post.  The details of where to send these have been provided below.  If you choose to email or post your response, please make sure to include your name and address and, if you decide to use some or all of our comments, please include the line:  ‘The comments provided in my response to this consultation are my own views.’

If you cannot access the website and would like a template response emailed to you, please let us know.  Or if you would like a more detailed analysis of how proposals in the Draft Local Plan and Consultation could impact the Green Belt, please get in touch and we can provide it.

Online consultation:   https://new.enfield.gov.uk/services/planning/planning-policy/local-plan/#1

Email for responses:   localplan@enfield.gov.uk

Postal  Address:

Strategic Planning and Design

Enfield Council