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Our campaign began in August 2015, when Fairview New Homes asked the London Borough of Enfield [LBE] for a scoping opinion for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the erection of an 8-form entry secondary free school with a 4-form entry sixth form college on the fields at Enfield Road EN2 7HX. [Fairview’s aerial photo of the site is above]. The school would be built to the Government’s Education Funding Agency [EFA] standards with an additional theatre and sporting facilities, together with a residential development of up to 300 dwellings. Visit Enfield Council website here to see the scoping request.  Fairview soon identified Wren Academy as their school provider.   Wren is a Church of England school based in Finchley. www.wrenenfield.org/

Over 100 people met in Cotswold Way to protest this proposed encroachment on Enfield’s Green Belt. [See our Enfield Independent news page.] Our ranks have grown ever since. More than 5,000 people have signed our petition, mostly online at www.change.org, hundreds have signed up for our email updates and the press have repeatedly picked up on our campaign activities.

Enfield RoadWatch is supported by Western Enfield Residents’ Association [WERA], The Enfield Society [TES], Federation of Enfield Residents’ and Allied Associations [FERAA] and many other organisations and individuals (see our supporter’s page). We are all totally opposed to any development on this Green Belt land.

Some key events in the campaign so far:

November 11, 2015    Our petition was presented to the Full Council in front of over 200 residents who took the time to come out and support us. It’s not too late to sign the petition! www.change.org Search for ‘Protect Enfield’.

February 3, 2016   The Conservative Councillors group sent out a press release stating that the Greater London Authority [GLA] had advised that there are no special circumstances to justify building homes on this Green Belt  Land. Conservative Group Press Release about Enfield Road Green Belt 3-1-16

February 5, 2016  The proposed school, Wren – Enfield was approved by the Department for Education to move into its pre-planning phase. This involves working with the Education Funding Agency [EFA] to secure a site. Wren – Enfield’s preferred site is the Enfield Road fields and housing development is still on the table.

February 12, 2016  Enfield’s consultation for a new Local Plan closed. Thanks to efforts by Enfield RoadWatch  supporters and other civic organisations, more people responded than ever before. 82% of responders were strongly opposed to building on the Green Belt.

Please check our Latest News section for what’s happening now.

Why are we opposed to building a school on this site?

  • The site is protected Green Belt and a Site of Local Importance.
  • The site has road access on one side only and that is the very busy two-lane A110. The additional traffic could cause congestion, pollution and danger to the students.
  • The site is very close to two of Enfield’s best schools, Highlands and Southgate, which could suffer from competition with such a large new school nearby.
  • Is the school needed at all? There is a projected need for extra places in 2019 but population projections fluctuate and fewer or no extra places may be needed.
  • If extra secondary places are required, the need would be further east in the borough, where regeneration is planned.
  • Expansion of existing schools in the area has not yet been explored. Would this not be a better option for consideration before committing to spend tax payers’ money?
  • If the new school is required, an existing school building in a suitable location is available, which should be used instead of building on Green Belt in the wrong location.


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