Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Please object to the Jubilee Cottage, Enfield Road planning application by May 31 2021

The owner of Jubilee Cottage on Enfield Road EN2 7HU opposite the Enfield Road fields has resubmitted a planning application [the third time of trying] to demolish all the existing buildings on the site and replace them with a large day nursery. Enfield RoadWatch will object to this application, as will The Enfield Society, and we hope you will too.

The deadline is May 31.  In order to object, visit the online planning site here.  Type ‘Jubilee Cottage’ into the Search box and the most current application is at the top.  Click on the application title in blue, then click on Comments.  You will need to register to be able to post comments, but please take the time to do this as we expect lots of Green Belt applications in the near future that will require objections.  If you prefer to write an objection letter, send it to: Enfield Council, PO Box 53, Civic Centre, Silver Street, enfield, EN1 3XA.

The objections to this particular application are many and varied. Please include the planning reference 21/01670/FUL in your comments and then pick some or all of the following:

  1. The development is inappropriate development on the Green Belt and fails to recognise that this is an area of Special Character.
  2. There will be serious traffic generation issues with nursery users, staff and service vehicles accessing the site from Enfield Road and crossing the cycle lane.  Assuming 60 nursery places [the number isn’t given] with part time provision, this could generate up to 240 vehicle movements, plus staff and service vehicles.
  3. We don’t accept their view that parents will use public transport. The site is on the northern edge of a relatively low density residential area and its catchment area will therefore be over a large area encouraging car use.
  4. The design is not appropriate for the site.  The suggestion that the new building is similar to a rural barn is not very convincing.
  5. There is a loss of much needed family accommodation
  6. There is unsufficient information, such as the number of nursery places.
  7. We also question whether Enfield’s  Schools and Children’s Services identify a shortage of childcare provision in this area.
  8. This application has been refused twice before and the same objections remain.