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Saving Enfield’s Green Belt – The Year Ahead [July 2018]

Saving Enfield’s Green Belt – The Year Ahead [July 2018]

Thanks to all of you who re-confirmed your permission for us to hold and use your email addresses.  We were pleased that so many of you understand the importance of making a stand on this issue.  The campaign is entering a critical phase and every one of you can make a difference.

If you haven’t yet reconfirmed or would like to sign up for our email list, please send a message to enfieldroadwatch@gmail.com and we’ll add you and keep you updated.  Our messages are occasional and only when necessary.  We will never share your email address.  Our full privacy policy can be seen on this website.

The committee recently attended a Green Belt Forum at Enfield Civic Centre.  This was the first Forum meeting since last October and we were anxious for an update on the Local Plan revision process, which began over two years ago.  The new plan will guide development in the borough for the next 15 years and some challenging housing targets will be included.  However, research shows that there is sufficient brownfield land to meet the targets so encroachment onto the Green Belt is not necessary.  In March 2016, when the first local plan public consultation was held, 82% of responders said they favoured protecting all of Enfield’s Green Belt.  The Local Plan revision is moving forwards under new leadership at the Council, so we will need to repeat that message several times as the process continues.

Over the summer, Enfield RoadWatch will attend as many events as possible to spread the word about the importance of the Green Belt.  We always need volunteers, so please let us know if you have any spare time on weekends and we’ll try to match you up with a suitable event.

The next public consultation is scheduled for September, when the draft Local Plan will be available.  It’s vital that everyone completes that consultation so that support for the Green Belt comes across loud and clear. The consultation will be available online and on paper and will run for a few weeks.  We’ll make sure you know about it by email, if we have your address, and on social media.  Please make sure to like our Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram feeds, where the most immediate updates are posted.

The next Green Belt Forum meeting will be dedicated to discussing the draft local plan so we need a big turnout for that one.  It is scheduled for Thursday, October 18 at 7:30pm at the Enfield Civic Centre.  A reminder will be posted.

Thanks for your continued support!

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