Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Enfield’s New Local Plan


The London Borough of Enfield is currently going through the process of creating a new Local Plan that will guide development in the borough until 2032. The initial consultation phase received more responses than any previous consultation and 82% of responders were strongly opposed to building on Green Belt.

However, we have reason to believe that the London Diocesan Fund and Fairview New Homes will use the Local Plan process to try to get Green Belt status removed from the fields on Enfield Road, so future development can occur. Fairview have attempted to influence Enfield’s Green Belt policies and plans a number of times over the last few years. That is why it is so important to let the London Borough of Enfield [LBE] know what we all want for the future of our borough, but also importantly for future generations.

The Local Plan review should be a democratic process with several opportunities for public input but the proposed school Wren – Enfield assumes it will go their way, stating on their website: There is a likelihood that the site will be allocated for development in the next 5-10 years through the Local Plan Review due to the growing population pressure in Enfield. This process has been accelerated in order to deliver the school in time for a full opening in 2018 which is in the public interest. Do not believe them! It is not a done deal!

What is true, is that Wren – Enfield is now working with the Government’s Education Funding Agency (EFA) to find a site for the school. Enfield Road Fields is their preferred option but it still has Green Belt protection and we must work through the Local Plan process to keep it that way.

We will keep you informed of the process and let you know when consultations are available.