Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Consultation update – February 3 2019

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in a response to the consultation saying NO to building on the Green Belt.  The online survey comments, which are public, seem to show that most people agree that the Green Belt should be not be touched.  Please keep sending in the responses and don’t forget that everyone in your household can respond individually.

We have confirmed that email responses will be accepted and that they do not have to conform to any particular format.  This is by far the easiest way to have your say, using your own words or borrowing from or copying our suggestions.   The Council has a duty of care for the Green Belt so this is not a vote for or against, but they must listen to what people say and numbers are important.   Send your emails to localplan@enfield.gov.uk and ask your friends and family to send one each too.  We hope there will be hundreds – if not thousands!

Enfield RoadWatch in partnership with The Enfield Society and CPRE-London will be publishing our report Space to Build – Enfield in a couple of weeks.  It is a comprehensive survey of brownfield sites of all sorts that could be used before any Green Belt is considered.  There are a lot!  Watch this space ….

Enfield RoadWatch is producing a new flier that will be distributed throughout as much of the borough as we can manage.   It will encourage residents to participate in the consultation and join us in protecting the Green Belt.   If you can help deliver to your area, please let us know.   enfieldroadwatch@gmail.com

Remember the consultation deadline is 5pm on Thursday, February 28.  Please act now!