Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

The Wren and Education Funding Agency

The Wren Academy has received approval for their free school application from the Department for Education in February 2016.

Enfield RoadWatch wrote the following letter in the Enfield Gazette on 17/02/16.

Enfield Gazette Letter to Editor 170216 (1)

Residents are unhappy that The Wren and the London Diocesan Board for Schools continue to pursue this site for a new secondary school and to insist that new homes are needed to support their vision for the school. This is in the knowledge that the Greater London Authority (GLA) has refused housing development on the site.

A resident wrote to the Enfield Gazette about this issue.

Advertiser – Letter – 6-4-16

The Education Funding Authority is now working with Wren to identify a site. A brownfield site should be the obvious first choice for Wren. Enfield RoadWatch has identified the current St. Anne’s Catholic High School site for Girls on London Road as the most suitable. It is served by numerous public transport routes, is closer to the areas where school places may be needed in coming years, would avoid competition for pupils with Highlands and Southgate schools and would avoid destroying Green Belt land.

Policy should allow existing schools and academies to expand before building a new school, which is a major event in any community. Expanding existing schools would increase capacity where it is actually needed and help maintain balanced budgets in future years. It would also avoid issues, such as traffic and transport that arise where schools are built without local need and pupils then have to travel from all parts of the borough and from neighbouring boroughs. Too many schools in one area will result in some schools serving the borough’s own need, but others taking extra pupils from neighbouring boroughs. How will that help Enfield’s need for pupil places after 2020?