Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

School Site Update – December 2017

There have been reports that Wren Academy Enfield will take the school site at Chase Farm Hospital but there has been no official statement yet and it’s possible that, if true, Chase Farm may only be a temporary site for a year or two while a larger more permanent site is secured – wherever that may be.  Wren Academy has promised an announcement in the new year, so we are waiting for that and will share more news when we receive it.

Enfield Council’s Local Plan revision process has, as previously reported, been put on hold until after the local elections next May so that it won’t become an election issue.  While there is still good protection for the Green Belt from both the Government and from the Mayor of London, housing targets are ever-increasing and some Councils are proposing to remove tracts of Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land to meet housing and infrastructure needs.  Many boroughs are further along with their new local plans than Enfield and some of the Green Belt de-designation has been permitted by the Government Inspectors who have to make sure each local plan is ‘sound’.  Enfield’s draft Green Belt Technical Review, which was released before the process was put on hold, appears to rank the Enfield Road fields lower in terms of Green Belt value than other tracts nearby.  We would fight against any proposal to remove protection from the fields. There are many valid arguments against the lower assessment and also now some precedents from other boroughs that could help us.

Although, we won’t know any more about the Council’s plans until late May or early June next year, we are continuing our proactive approach to the campaign.  Enfield RoadWatch attended several fairs and festivals over the summer and found that support for Enfield’s Green Belt remains solid.   We are also working with politicians, other campaign groups and local and national organisations to keep people aware of the issues. 

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