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CPRE and Green Belt issues

 The Campaign to Protect Rural England is a national non-partisan organization dedicated to the protection of greenspace. http://www.cpre.org.uk/     Achievements like rural planning, National Parks and Green Belts didn’t happen overnight; they took decades of campaigning, careful organisation and reasoned argument. At many stages they seemed impossible dreams, but now it is hard to imagine an England without them. CPRE’s goal is to see the countryside protected, but within the context of a healthier economy and a happier community, which they don’t consider mutually exclusive. CPRE believes that people have the right to enjoy a protected countryside, and the organisation works to make it happen.

Enfield RoadWatch has been working closely with CPRE – London, which offers support in terms of policy, campaigning and contacts. http://www.cprelondon.org.uk/   This section of the website will provide links to CPRE reports and to other greenbelt campaigns around the country, which need support, such as signing petitions.

A done deal: how new schools are being built on Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) in Greater London.

This CPRE report, published 3/12/2015, shows how the Government is applying pressure to local authorities to approve planning applications to build schools on Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) – land which the Government itself says should not be built on. It shows the Government’s Education Funding Agency is involved with identifying and acquiring Green Belt and MOL sites which are not identified in the local plan. The report refers to our case on pages 14-15.


The CPRE continues to scrutinise Government policy on housing and development and to lobby and educate elected officials and the public about the many reasons for continued protection of the country’s Green Belt. For the latest information, please visit: