Enfield RoadWatch Action Group

Autumn 2016

At this point we have no definite news about the site for Wren Academy Enfield nor the Local Plan and Green Belt Reviews, but a lot is still going on.

There was an article in the November 16 issue of The Advertiser in which Cllr Nick Dines admonished the Council administration for not finding a site for Wren Academy and which called our precious Green Belt fields ‘open space’!  We corresponded with Cllr Dines who assured us that he is not advocating the fields as the site for Wren. Also, this week’s Advertiser includes a letter from a concerned resident, rebutting many of the statements in the earlier article. Both articles can be seen here:

advertiser-16-11-16-nick-dines-article                                                 advertiser-30-11-16-resident-letter

In October, representatives from Enfield RoadWatch met with Joanne McCartney, who is a Deputy Mayor of London and the London Assembly representative for Enfield and Haringey. The meeting was arranged to discuss concerns about encroachment on and possible de-designation of parts of the borough’s Green Belt. Joanne reassured the group that Mayor Khan is committed to protecting the Green Belt and that guidelines to that effect will be released to the boroughs over the next several months as the London Plan revision progresses. Mayor Khan’s recently-released vision statement confirms his commitment to the Green Belt.

Enfield RoadWatch also attended Enfield’s Green Belt Forum in October. This is an Enfield Council committee that meets the public about four times a year to discuss Green Belt issues. The bulk of the meeting was a presentation from Professor Alan Mace of the London School of Economics [LSE] about his new report ‘A 21st Century Metropolitan Green Belt’.   The report starts from the premise that Green Belt policy reform is essential and, rather worryingly, suggests Enfield as a pioneer area for reform.   You can read the Green Belt Forum minutes and link through to the whole report here: https://governance.enfield.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?ID=38094

Other worrying news came in an article in The Telegraph, which signals a move by the Government to facilitate the release of Green Belt to meet the so-called housing crisis. We are monitoring this and hope enough Tory MPs will object to soften the stance.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/26/housing-crisis-ministers-urge-councils-build-green-belt-land/