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Access Denied

 Access Denied    

Enfield RoadWatch would like to conduct an independent ecological survey of the fields to establish what flora and fauna live there.  The fields are managed by Fairview, so we applied to them for access but permission was denied with no reason given.   See our article 04/03/16 in the Enfield Independent


We then requested help from local MP, Joan Ryan. Ms Ryan wrote to Fairview and the Diocese on our behalf – but the answer was still no.   The second denial was also carried in the local press. See our  article 01/06/16 in the Enfield Advertiser. Advertiser – 1-6-16

and in the Enfield Independent from 3/6/16   Enfield Independent – Access denied 3-6-16

Ms Ryan was interviewed by both papers and said:

“Fairview say they want to be open and transparent and they have the opportunity to do both here and they are not taking it. We all have a vested interest in protecting green belt open space. There has to be a very good and special case if green belt land is to be built upon.”

“Fairview gave me the brush off, they were very unhelpful.  As it is the greenbelt, anyone has to make a very special case to develop there and Fairview have simply not done this. If they are confident in their argument, what are they worried about?”

“Fairview are an Enfield company, this is their home, but they are acting with a closed mind and without any sort of community spirit.”

Fairview’s intransigence on this matter raises many questions. They were no doubt disappointed late in 2015 when the Greater London Authority (GLA) gave them a pre-application opinion that no ‘very special circumstances’ exist to allow the building of homes on the site.

Conservative Group Press Release about Enfield Road Green Belt 3-1-16

Unfortunately this does not mean Fairview will stop trying. Are they denying access, because they still plan to build on the land, in spite of the GLA’s opinion?

We urge London’s new Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, and the new London Assembly to uphold their campaign promises to protect the Green Belt and to allow building only on brownfield sites.

And we urge Enfield Council to make sure that the new Local Plan, now in process, respects the groundswell of public opinion against de-designating any of the borough’s Green Belt for development.